Making Sheep’s Milk Cheese


At Greenfields we promise to use the best cheese making process to ensure great tasting products every time.

1. Here at Greenfields we pride ourselves on only bringing natural homemade products to the table. By using fresh, locally sourced sheep’s milk, we can guarantee the best start to our cheese making process.

2. By using state of the art equipment and delicate precision, our cheesemakers are able to create a unique and astounding product that has continued to impress customers every year. Once our milk has reached the cheese vat, the finest modern technology combined with age-old methods helps produce the highest quality cheese products.

3. After maturing for several months, we are able to supply people all over the country with our cheese. As well as selling our cheeses through local farm shops around Lancashire, we also deliver all over the country. With a dedicated workforce and efficient production system we are able to deal with any demand.