History of Sykes Fell


Sheep’s milk cheese is one of the oldest cheeses produced, and has been popular right back from when ewe’s were the main milk producers of the world. Milked long before cow’s were, Asian travellers brought this type of cheesemaking to Europe throughout history and it has remained a popular alternative to cow’s milk cheese ever since. Different methods using sheep’s milk cheese have been discovered over the years to produce new and unique blends of dairy products.

Made by the Procter family, Sykes Fell sheep’s cheese is produced at Greenfields Dairy in Goosnargh. Our family-run business has won awards across England since the 1930’s.

For over 80 years, traditional recipes have been passed from generation-to-generation, ensuring the highest quality and taste every time. Alongside these traditional methods found throughout history, we pride ourselves on incorporating modern equipment to produce the finest cheeses and meet every customers demand.

As regular exhibitors at Nantwich International Cheese Show, we have won many prizes over the years including the Reserve Supreme Champion twice, in 1999 with a Traditional Cheshire & again in 2006 with a Traditional Tasty Lancashire.