Health Benefits of Sheep’s Cheese


If you’re looking for a healthy, tasty alternative to regular cow’s milk cheese, sheep’s milk cheese can make a big difference to your diet. As well as being smoother and richer than cow’s milk products, sheep’s milk provides more nutrition. The vitamins in sheep’s milk, mainly the B complex as well as A, D and E are all essential to good health and are most often recommended to be taken as a supplement. Sheep’s milk cheese is a cheaper and tastier alternative to expensive health shop supplements.

Not only is it rich in vitamins, calcium and zinc, it’s also suitable for lactose intolerant diets. With more tolerable lactose, Sykes Fell is ideal for anyone who finds it difficult to eat cheese on a controlled diet. With sheep’s cheese, much of the lactose goes out with the whey during the hard cheese making process. With smaller fat globules, cheese made with sheep’s milk is easier to digest and contains more medium and short chain saturated fatty acids, which can help ease lactose absorption. Sheep’s milk cheese also contains three times more whey protein than cow’s dairy products, making it ideal for anyone looking to add more protein into their diet.

For anyone who wants to maintain a high intake of vital calcium, from growing children to nursing mothers, Sykes Fell can guarantee the highest standard of sheep cheese.